Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is Bigger really Better?

Tuesday January 8, 2013

Ok ladies - mind out of the gutter! LOL

I think this theme is permeating the week.

The thought first came to mind when I found the perfect birthday present for someone I might happen to know. ... except now I must patiently wait until.... yeah, like I'm going to tell you when ...HA!
Let's just say that it a rather unique LARGE item, heehee

When we first got married, we had a 2 foot tall Christmas tree. After James was born we moved and bought a 3.5 foot tall tree. I was looking at it this year and thinking...hmmmm... maybe a bigger one would be nice and I could hang all the ornaments on it. When he was a toddler, someone gave us these lovely wooden ornaments, and we hung no breakables on the tree. I had the brilliant idea (I know I am sooo modest), to hang a greenery with lights above the windows, and from there hang all the fragile ornaments. I've continued this tradition - into three now - one holds all my angel ornaments and the other the bear ornaments... well ok.., MOST of my bear ornaments, and the third one hangs around James' window with his own collection of ornaments.

So now that my son is past the stage of exploring gravity, I thought - maybe next year we can get a bigger tree.... mind you, then again I think I'd rather spend the money on... oh say  stitchy goodies... or chocolate.. and that road trip to the chocolaty capital :)

Speaking of chocolate... and who doesn't... I discovered that those wee gold bunnies taste just as good as the BIG ones... in case you were wondering... and in this case, small is easier to hide :)

I played tennis tonight... and had an exceptional game. Got to play singles, which I don't get the chance that often any more. I've played for over 34 yrs and I just LOVE winning - especially against men. .. and I won tonight 6-2....hehehe, snicker snicker. Somehow playing against a guy just makes me try harder. An ace always makes it sweeter.   I'm not that tall or big... so in my case, bigger isn't always better.

Oh - on the big news side... I now have 8 followers!!! I think that's amazing and humbling. That's practically a follower a day! Can you just imagine at this rate  - after a year? Or are they just conspiring to find my chocolates or hoping I'll do a give-away???

Now on to stitching. I did a few more stitches.. but still no finish! My stitchy pals are going into shock and will think I've been replaced by an alien. So here's an updated photo:

I really love how this is looking on 25ct, over 1. 
Yep that's small!

Now here's a photo of our Christmas tree when it was still up.

And my my my.. who is that GIANT parrot?

 Well, it's all in how you look at things - the tree is not a miniature, and Quaker parrots are not really THAT big... this is Kiwi...and he talks tons....but that's another story.

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Bea said...

Love your bird - the stitched one. I've started my first HAED and it's 1 over 1 on 25 count as well, so I know exactly what you mean.

Oh, and the real one is lovely too.