Friday, January 11, 2013

Put on a smiley face :)

Thursday January 10, 2013

It was a smiley day...

The first encounter was smile stickers in a doctor's office - there was even one the ceiling..... :) And I was told I had to look at them  :)

Then,...oh torture....  I had to sit and stitch in a car as I waited for someone.... :)

speaking of stitching... can you guess what this is? :)

You are absolutely right!  :)
How did you know I started stitching something for my son's birthday today?

You CAN tell what it is now can't you?
:) heeheehee :)

This is about an hour of stitching... I need to have it done before the 16th.
Rumour has it that might be possible. :)

More smiles when I found out today of NEW released Mill Hill kits 
on the way to the best stitchery store in the universe :).... 

Some of my stitchy friends think that I'll be camped outside Gitta's door ...
or possibly stalking the stitchy delivery van...
...apparently they think this is not normal behaviour

On a somewhat happy but sad note... my last cookie.

It wasn't smiling for long.

This was the last one of a tin of special cookies my mom made me for Christmas. Every year 'some' people get a tin of these scrumptious cookies...they melt in your mouth. Total bliss. Totally healthy... uh.. yeah...

Alas the classic recipe calls for ground almonds... but this year she surprised me and made me a batch with pine nuts - which I can eat. This is one of the most thoughtful presents I've received and will always treasure this memory :)

Tonight I'll go to bed smiling... since tomorrow I don't have to get up too early. :)

... oh, and of course there was chocolate today... but that's another story :)

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