Friday, January 4, 2013

oh - if only!

Friday  January 4, 2013

Today was a fun day. I invited a friend to bring his son, and the four of us went to the Science Centre :)
It started off good - saw the phenomenal movie "Born to Be Wild" about orphaned elephants and orangutans (ok, not together). HIGHLY recommend you see it. Saw some great exhibits, including a magic show and the electricity show - you know the one that has the giant ball that makes hair stand on end. Gee I wonder how floss would do with that...

And then things got interesting. My - what a great place to get lost and separated! Yup, turn a corner, and it's enough to make your hair stand on end (arrr)...honestly, I was not looking for a quiet corner to stitch... well, ... ok, good thing we found each other after not toooo long (my son begs to differ)... not that I minded too much leaving,  the other parent to watch both boys, hehehe

The "Dream Machines" annual exhibition of artist Rowland Emett's whimsical mechanical inventions was there again - and it is just such fun to see. You may recall seeing one - "The 'Humbug Major' Sweet Machine"  in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

ok, ok... haven't learned how to rotate on here.. but there it is :)
So I was thinking (you just know where this is going) - wouldn't it be wonderful to have a chocolate machine like this? Oh, with all my stash of stitchery and .. well, I might not leave home, lol.

Sadly, no samples of any sort were given out and I could only console myself with a dad's oatmeal cookie with chocolaty bits...I made up for that later..

OK, so I promised a photo of my project: 
Started Jan 10:30pm. This is after 3 days, about 6 hours of stitching (not continuously)
It's the Gold Collection Petites "Joy Ornament" . I opted to stitch it on 25ct over one. 
I just love it so far :)
Yes - that's small stitches. I'm hoping to complete the entire series. 
Not tonight though, lol. Seriously.

No - it's not done... notice there is no eye. You see, when stitching if you add the eyes, it will stare at you and give you that look  and mutter things like "Why are you not finishing me?".
I know this cat that a friend is stitching.. no eyes yet.. looks rather possessed though... I was thinking once of  placing googly eyes there when she wasn't looking...

Oh - and I received a birthday month present yesterday too:

 Hold on... wait a sec.. I know what you're thinking. Birthday month? Of course - doesn't everyone partake in this celebration ? Well, if not - you should join in ...  you can start with mine, just to get the hang of it.  I started this tradition a number of years ago, and finally it clicked with a certain hubby... he now gives me the occasional birthday month/week recognition I do so deserve.

Just wait until birthday week... but that's another story...


Nicole M said...

that book mark is lovely. what kind of threadwork is that done in ?

mybearsnme said...

It's crochet. Arkangel's friend made it :) It's gorgeous!

tigger39 said...

That would be awesome if it was a chocolate machine. I be right over. Lol. Glad you had a great time at centre. Getting lost is sometimes a good thing. And of course beautiful bird. Well then happy birthday month to you.

mybearsnme said...