Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the night before

Tuesday January 15, 2013

"twas the night before the birthday
and all through the house
the teeth they were gnashing
were they after a mouse?

The cookies not baked
flour all over the floor
when first the recipe I saw
It did not seem like a chore.

But the stitchings all done!
For a present you see
Not assembled it is
But soon it will be.

The thing is so horrid
So scary 'tis true
Such stitching I never
Did ever I brew.

My son will just love it
It will hang from his door
A sleek nasty beast
It won't be a bore.

So what is it this thing
With a bite and so dark
It's the meanest stitch yet
- beware it's a SHARK!

So there you have it - all stitched, as of this afternoon :) I'm going to make it into a door hanger tonight.

The cookie dough is in the fridge, as it needs to set, and shortly I'll be making the world famous hot dog cookies. OK, maybe not world famous, ... well, OK, so I only made them once before... but they LOVED them!  .... more photos to follow on them... that is if they turn out. If there is no further mention of them, you'll  at least know who that mad woman is that's frantically running up and down the cupcake aisle yelling "But they have to be CHOCOLATE!!!"

So last night, I decided I needed to get some sleep (I know shocking), and here's where I left the menacing beast:

I did have fleeting thoughts of leaving the word like that.... somehow 'dang' just doesn't suit a shark. Interesting idea for a project though.

This is the first thing I've ever stitched that was downright 'mean'. I think this calls for tea and chocolate therapy. Although I could savor the emotion for the tennis court tomorrow.

Plans have been finalized for the birthday boy for tomorrow and Saturday. Should be fun. Details will follow. I may need an afternoon nap  tomorrow. Tonight I'll be up late setting up my traditional birthday decor for him... but that's another story...


wilma boer said...

Great poem, cute stitching.

and, Happy Birthday to your son!

Teresa Kobos said...

it turned out beautiful, he is going to love it. Happy birthday James! :)
have a wonderful day! :)

Bea said...

That is a wonderful piece. James is going to love it.