Saturday, January 12, 2013

you've come a long way

Saturday January 12, 2013

I pulled out a Mill Hill kit today that I've had for ... well...let's just say 
 ......a looong long time ago ...

It's among the first Mill Hill kits I bought.
.... maybe this was the start of my bead addiction,  lol

A bear!  I'm still wondering why it took me so long to do this one!
Yup.. another finish :)

I changed a few things... added a fabric bow and used different beads for the heart and eyes/mouth.

This kit came out in 1991 and the beads they included do NOT look like the photo. There were bright red beads for the heart and bright green for the bow.   I thought a fabric bow would look much cuter.

I've noticed several differences between older and current Mill Hill kits. The pattern is much smaller than they are now. The floss was cut to length too. They are more detailed now.
 ...and much more numerous...  can't wait for the new ones!

Speaking about bows... I had a thing for those one Christmas. I decided to make bows and put them on all sorts of things around the house - lamps, staircases, chairs, Larry the loon figurine...and even on one of my favourite composers

Did you notice the wee Lego Beethoven?

Ah - it just dawned on me why I likely didn't make the bear when I bought it - 1991 was the year I got married :)

Did I tell you I have a new addiction in the chocolaty world...Lindt Sea Salt, Dark...mmmmm....
my birthday month present to myself :). I stitched some more on James' present today too... but I'll update that when it's done.. not to leave you in suspense or anything.... besides nobody has guessed what it is yet.

AHA! I know how I'm going to finish off the bear.... but that's another story  :)

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Bea said...

He's a very cute bear. Love the changes you've made.