Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sunday January 20, 2013

Caution is advised. The following post is for mature tastes only. There may be a shocking sweet sensation.  

I love Lindt.  (**gasp**... I know I's true...)

They so inspire me. 
(See one of my previous posts that inspired my blog name ;)

Their quotes are just ummm.... well... uhhh... intriguing... yeah that's it!

Let's just look at their latest conundrum:
"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces."

Really? Now who in their right mind would even consider eating a chocolate bar that can only be broken into 4 pieces? And why would you punish yourself so? Heck I just use my teeth - Save the whales? No - save the hands for the stitching! Multi tasking simplified.

Now wait a sec... there is that 50 pound bar at the Hershey store in Niagara Falls that one possibly could break into 4 pieces...

oh wait a sec... 5lbs
ok, so it was over 1.5 years ago that I set my eyes upon this... 
you know how memories grow over time. 
It's like the 15 feet of snow we had to trudge 100 miles to school in...

Oh, and by the way, strength is in that bear's hands.

 The point is - the real strength lies in not feeling guilty.

Besides. I am a mom. I have survived the test of dirty diapers. Now that's strength. 

Purdy's, not to be outdone, came up with their own have to know witocism today...

Fact #1: An average American or Canadian will consume about 12 pounds of chocolate per year. 

Fact #2: The Swiss are the world’s largest consumers of chocolate, eating about 22 pounds of chocolate per person per year.

I would like to know who the heck keeps track of how much chocolate they eat. Why? What's the point? Where's the proof... ok don't go there... there is no leftover chocolate remember? 
I say just enjoy the stuff - no need to fill a quota.. or is there? Being one to not measure, nor keep historical idiotic records - I have no idea if I need to catch up statistically... Maybe it's better to be safe than sorry.... where did that bunny go....

The other interesting ponderable I saw was from Hoffman Distributing:

"Is it possible to "Sew Every Day?"

Now there's a thought. At that rate, I might use up my stash in..... 50 years? lol ...Better do some strength training of that needle holding muscle. Sadly it's a vicious cycle...Impossible strength required to resist new stash...Gitta's way to close and New Mill Hill's arriving soon.....sigh..

I would love to stitch every day. Life somehow gets in the way. But, I'm off to a good start this week.. yup, another finish.

why yes - another Mill Hill.
Rootbeer Dragonfly
Did I mention I like Mill Hills?
Did I mention I'm a fast stitcher?- stitched this last night.
I know someone who'll be drooling over this one...hehehe.

Thinking of birthdays.. well, at least I was (It is my birthday month ya know!).... I think I need to revisit that Hershey store to make sure they haven't come out with a bigger bar...I would sacrifice myself to do this research for you. I'll have to gather some strength to resist actually buying it. I'll leave that up to anyone who might like to give me a birthday present. HINT HINT

         ...resistance is futile.... but that's another story...


Lulu said...

What a beautiful dragon fly and congrats on the finish!

Teresa Kobos said...

it turned out beautiful, way to go! :)

Alice said...

I love the dragonfly! I stitch very slow, but I eat chocolate very fast. Thanks for the giggles.

Pam said...

Hi Wilma, I really like what you do here, so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my post with the details and let me know if you have any questions! It’s all about new blogger getting to know each other and motivating each other!

mybearsnme said...

awww..Pam, that is so sweet! You've inspired a post from your comment :)

pssttt.. there may be more Mill Hill to come :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That Mill Hill finish is gorgeous!

Nicole M said...

drool, drool