Friday, January 18, 2013

my reputation

Friday January 18, 2013

I'm worried.


I'm thinking the stitchy patrol will be at my door any day now.

You see, I have a reputation. And it's gone all out the window. My fans have left me... somewhere on a road trip to Ottawa. Or so they say. Perhaps that's just a cover up and they've gone into hiding.

Mind you, I don't blame them for not telling me exactly where they've headed... no advance notice...poof... off they go. It might have something to do with the past.

You see once upon a time, two of my devoted fans went to Florida... on a cross-stitch-detouring-hold-no-needle-back-extravaganza road trip. They made the mistake...err, I mean they told someone that they would stop at a particular cross stitch store... and on exactly what day. hehehehe...

So perchance 'someone'  emailed the joint, and told them that two very knotty Canadians would be visiting. Further to this, the store was made aware that the Canadian Stitch Institute was aware of said Sitchoholics whereabouts and  that they had  exceeded their stash allowance 10 years ago. It was suggested that perhaps the store should not sell to any Canadians, lest they encourage such excessive addictive behaviour.

The visit by these two particular wandering stitchographers resulted in oodles of giggles... or so I am told.
Apparently there was a note found at the store which may have pointed a finger at the culprit ...

Sadly or luckily, the said store let the stashologists get away with yet numerous enhancements to their already overloaded stitchmobile. Did they offer chococlate or promise to bring them a DQ? Me wonders....

Next time they should consider taking along someone who has access to a camper van...

Well, not that I have any reputation for being an enabler extraordinaire or anything... 
Say have you ever been to Gitta's ?  You know you really should go. It's like the Camelot of stitchery. Anything you need they have it - or will get it for you.  ... oh!... the New Mill Hill's will be in next week,,droool... oh!...did you know you can order online from them too!

Anyway, I digress... OK, I admit, I may have some stash enhancement persuasive abilities.

I seem to have acquired a reputation of  doing some silly borderline mischievous things. 
Not like I would encourage innocent bears to have some fun...

I also have a reputation of finishing a lot of projects - and quickly. 
Sadly, I am letting my fans down already this month. 
Let's just say I have been resting and am now gearing up for major stitch fest.
Either that or some more shenanigans.
I just found out where my fans are in Ottawa... they've posted the hotel... but that's another story


Tami Von Zalez said...

I see you like photography - you might be interested in some of the blog photography challenges, all fun, no pressure.

Visiting from Grow Your Blog hop.

Give me a visit some time ~

mybearsnme said...

I will have to do that - would love to join a photo blog. Maybe i should start a wordless Wednesday :)

mybearsnme said...

I visited - great blog!- where are the photo challenges?