Friday, January 25, 2013

first things first

Friday January 25, 2013

So what do YOU do when you've got to pack for a weekend getaway?

Well of course you have to clean and tidy up the house... make sure the fridge is stocked up... do all the laundry....  the abandoned helpless beings might otherwise not survive...

Then by 4am, you finally have time to pack. Of course the important necessities come to mind first. much is enough for a weekend?

Thought I'd play the field....shhhh... don't tell Lindt.

And of course next is 
what to take for my spare time between speakers and planned activities. 

Oh the dilemma of what to take.... 
 something to read... oh maybe a few dozen novels, magazines, 
sketch pad and pencils
oh - how about some Zentangling
my camera 
deck of cards
 I could take some needle felting too
and how about my watercolours
Hey - those beading kits have been calling my name
and I could take my DS games in case I get bored
maybe they have a piano there - I should bring some music books!
you know maybe some fabric and start that quilt I've always wanted to do
I could finish the scarf  I started 3 years ago
there's the Scouting books to get some ideas
I think they have WiFi , so maybe I could bring a laptop
I should check if they have a tennis court!

....and of course gotta take some cross stitch!
Now this is where I get into serious trouble. 
And I become completely unrealistic.
And spend the next 6 hours deciding which kits to take...

hmmm.. only one bag allowed?
No mega sized trunk???
Does one really need to see out the back window of a car?
Heck, who needs extra clothes.

This is why I LOVE to borrow my dad's VW camper van.
It has tons of room. 
I lived in it for a week once at a cub camp...
It was jam packed with all sorts of hobbies that I never had time to do
...but that's another story.


Lynne said...

So really, what did you take? Where did you go? What did oyu do? I want the next instalment! ;-)

Bea said...

I'm with Lynne - what happened next?