Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ballad of the Lindt bear

Thursday, January 9, 2013

Oh joy is me - I am a bear.
With gold like coat - why do you stare?
I had a bell, 'tis gone somewhere....

Twas just last night I had a thought:
Just after when you had me bought,
Was just my company that you sought?

Or is there but some greater deed.
A secret, deep dark craving need?
The truth it seems,  appears indeed.

Why dost thou drool when looking at me?
There's something else that just might be.
A hiding spot I do not see.

Alas the truth, it rears it head.
Or rather, 'bottoms' up me thinks, instead,
I thought we'd just be snuggled in bed.

But no - you quickly took a bite
I really could not put up a fight.
Would I be like this all through the night?

Oh, but of course, you could not stop.
You would not, should not, could not let me drop
Not Until you get right to the top?

But now I lay here all in pieces,
What started slow, indeed decreases.
With chocolate it seems she never ceases.

I gave you joy and made you smile
I didn't really last a longest while
But a Lindt bear

 - it really is your style.


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