Monday, December 29, 2014

A little birdie told me

Some of you might think that this blog has focused too much on chocolate.

Tuff. Get over

....not that I have an addiction to the stuff or 

yeah, ...ok .....sigh...

So, I have been a wee bit neglectful of posting my stitching finishes.
Yikes, ... I didn't post too many blogs or too many photos of me finishes this year.
What can I say - Chocolate often gets in the way...  that and my job.

So here goes... an update on my finishes for the year. I finished 61 !!!

whoo hoo!

And to save time posing all the photos here, I decided to post the link to my 2014 album on facebook :)
(I know lazy eh?... sorry, you'll have to be on facebook to view them...)

Stitching album 2014

Ah, but there's one I forgot about... finish #62 !

A wee gift for my friend Linda.. who just might like flip flops ;)

Last night I finished a Mill Hill kit my son gave me for this Christmas

Super cute - I'll  keep this one of course.

But it seems I need to stitch this one again.

 Apparently, I got the colours all wrong...

.. or so a little birdie  told me...

Not sure when I'll get the time to do that though..
might be a slight delay due to some major distraction


 can you imagine the s'more I could make with that?



Shebafudge said...

There is such a thing as too much chocolate? Surely not?

Off to have a nosy at your stitching for the year.

Bea said...

No such thing as too much chocolate! Wash your mouth out with cocoa.

Happy New Year Helen! Have a healthy, chocolate-y 2015.