Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just 8

You're probably wondering what this is...

Its the fly from a tent. Teen minifig's tent to be precise. Seems those velcro straps came off last time he went camping. Turns out they had only been glued on and they needed to get sewn on.

Guess who got the priviledge of repairing said fly?

Guess who hid out in her sewing room this afternoon.... for a while.....with the door locked. Hubby had already said he believed it would take all day.... and there are 8 of them to sew.

Guess how long said repairs took.... and how much quiet time I enjoyed.

Wonder how long it will take until they realize there is no sewing machine humming.

oh, but there was some noise going on....if you can call it that.....heehee

Wishing there were 8 of these instead...

1 comment:

Astrids dragon said...

Good for you!
I had to sew up a hole in some pants the other week, but it was a rush job so no treats for me.