Monday, June 16, 2014

Hold it or not....

Long story short: I have conquered Candy Crush. Oh Yeah. Big time stealer, lol.... well, until we meet again and they add more levels, sigh...

I've been enjoying the outdoors a bit more lately...(when I ran out of CC lives of course, lol) and the weather has been gorgeous. Take a look at some of the flowers I captured on my camera...

Look at all those Trilliums!

Best way to hold onto those blooms - take a photo!

Mid May was Scouting JOTT (Jamoree on the trail)  - that's when Scouts all over the world go on some sort of a hike the same day This year it was on May 10

Spent a beautiful day up at Blue Springs Scout Camp.

And what's a hike without some good friends :)
Definitely ones to hold onto.

Me and Mark - crest designer extraordianaire 
and one of the main organizers of JOTT

and my dear friend Florence 
- a super duper Scouter and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Some friendly friends of the forest... look at the colour on this one!

Not one I'd like to hold though.

Some birds you just wonder about...

Hold on....Seriously ... you built your nests ....up there???
Guess there was a shortage of prime trees this year.

Mind you, ample supply of flies 

For my friend Teresa - yes there are spiders... 
so IF you're ever up there, I imagine you'd rather hold it
than go.

Just a thought....

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