Sunday, March 1, 2015

a few of my favourite things


I've been thinking a lot about this colour lately.

With all the snow outside, it's all around us. I mean, how could you NOT think about white. Which of course leads to other thoughts about  'white'.

My favourite chocolate when I was little was - white chocolate. Now my favourite is dark chocolate, but certainly wouldn't turn down any white chocolate.. it is somewhat chocolate after all.

White tea - I do love tea, and have had this, but find it lacks flavour. I think I'll just stick to green tea.

For more fun facts that you must know, it's all on google...

White was one of the first colors used by paleolithic artists; they used calcite or chalk. 

In ancient Egypt, white was connected with the goddess Isis. And did you know that 'White' is the source of more names for women in western countries than any other color? ...Albine (Latin), Blanche and Blanchette (French); Bianca (Italian); Jennifer (Celt); . Candice (from Latin Candida); . Fiona . (Irish);  , Nives (Italian) ....

Oh there are so many things one imagines, when thinking about white.... beaches, sandals, white pants for summer, albino animals, weddings, clouds, mountain tops, cleanliness, ghosts, tobogganing, skating, ice... oh the list goes on...

White is the color in Western culture most often associated with beginnings ... innocence...

But white has a dark side. Trust me. A cruel, blinding , colourless, bleached, natural, friends laughing in your face mean streak... with nary a shade or smidgen of colour relief in sight...

Why do I say this, you may ask.

Let me introduce you to what I have been stitching...

well, this is all I can show for now, 
since it's a design I'm doing the model stitch for, 
and it hasn't been released yet... 
but soon :)

Maybe not soon enough.

So another thing white reminds me of is the movie...
The Sound of Music


Oh let me remind you of that song ...

Men in white lab coats bearing straight white jacket,
Solid white floss and still more in the basket,
Snipped off white ends that stay on my eyelashes
Any more white and I'm going to bash it

Knots in the stitching 
I'm blinded by white
These are the reasons 
I'm longing for 


Ok, so the last word doesn't rhyme.

Chocolate - the antidote to all things white... 

especially when stitching white in vast quantities.

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Bea said...

Obviously that's a verse to the song I've missed all these years! I hope your next stitch has lots and lots of colour.