Tuesday, May 30, 2017

So why?

Ok, so it's been a while. No idea why I stopped posting, but today I was was looking at this

This may have been distracting me... for a bite... I mean a bit....

Yes, I was in Newfoundland...St. John's for a stitching conference, and some touring. SO of course I had to go into the chocolate shop there! Not to worry, I took some accomplices.

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company carries bars with cocoa from around the world.

Not to be selfish, I thought I'd share ...my thoughts ....about each of the bars.

Alto El Sol

Origin: Peru

Bean: Criollo

65% Cocoa

Tasting Notes: Tangy and complex with notes of plum, black cherry and a hint of banana.

WOW! truly a uniquely wonderful blend, subtlety hints flavours, with just the right amount of cocoa.

Verdict: Delightfully scrumptious.

Repeat Factor: oh yeah!

Withdrawal symptoms: I guess the other bars will tide me over, for now

Did you notice there was none left....yup I had to share, as said Newfoundland stash was seen by a certain population of inhabitants residing in my abode. They both gave it a thumbs up. Good thing ...their hands were distracted that way from getting the last of it, lol.

Newfoundland Chocolate Company also had Gelato that rivals my local fix, Port One Cafe.

but that's another story....

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