Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red and white ... for a purpose

In Canada, July is the colour of red and white.... reflecting our country's flag.

Of course there are other ways of celebrating Canada Day...

Celebrating with lovely music

and desert

I may have had a second... or third... or
heck who was counting

there was chocolate marble cake under there

Celebrating with friends

and desert

yes... I did share.

And only had one.

That day at least :)

Celebrating with family
in particular with Legoson

and desert

yes that is CHOCOLATE balsamic vinegar

ok, now this ... 

was my Legoson's idea.
He's into experimenting with food combinations.

Not on my desert.

Oh, there may have been other deserts...
like the banana split I had last night
(with strawberries of course),
the rest is all a blurr.

Of course there was a purpose to all this.

Had to 'bulk up' for my journey this weekend.

I may just be burning off all those calories.

...but that's another story....

 if I survive

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