Saturday, April 5, 2014


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Whoo -hooo! I'm published! I did a model stitch for X's & Oh's , and the chart was released. :)

This is the photo I took before I sent it back:

and my copy of the official chart!

my name!!!

So I knowwwww I am supposed to be stitching other things..
like a SAL that I instigated, but  I haven't even started... 

but this project came along
a worthy distraction...
and I just love helping friends :)

(OK, so there's lots I can't resist when it comes to stitching...)

22 count, 1 thread, over 1
This was my progress last night

and what's this?... another distraction?

a small down payment
or bribe, I'm not sure...

reminds me of this Candy game I get distracted with, 

speaking of chocolate..  
here is my latest toy
and another distraction... 

And here's some cookie batter... oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with chickpeas

the batter...

yes, chickpeas... 
it's from one of those hidden ingredient 
so your kid actually ingests some sort of veggie cookbook
(aka Deceptively Delicious.. and yes they are!)

batter + my new toy
= experiment in distraction 

I thought the dough might spread out a bit...nope
oh well

Looks even yummier on the plate?

uh, no.. but it did taste good.

I did mention a Lego bird arrived a while ago... 

a valid excuse for Legoson to buy Lego 
- for his Legomom of course.


I don't think Kiwi quite knows what to make of it.
He was pondering if it was food or a new chew toy I'm sure...

Either that or me getting distracted.


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