Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Sunday April 13, 2014

Legoson was carrying a walkie talkie today. A handy way for him to communicate and it's fun too.

So here is part of one of the conversations we had:

Legson: "Mom, I'm playing with Johnny"

Lego Headquarters: "OK"

Legoson: "No, no mom... you have to say "over and out. "

Lego Headquarters: "OK"

Legoson: "Mom, don't make me go ballistic."

Ballistic? ....Where the heck did that come from?

Later on at dinner.

Legoson making big fuss over some green leafy vegetative matter. And no, the wonderful ideas from  my last  blog did NOT help. And yes, is was indeed Legoson's idea that he would eat Kale. Apparently while shopping with dad, Legoson stated he would eat Kale. Yeah right. Alternatively tonight, he decided to eat a bowl of lettuce.

Not wanting to listen to much moaning and groaning any more... I decide I am not going to sit with him, but he can sit there all night until said green matter was consumed ..... and I didn't want to talk to him until then.
Apparently once again I am making him go ballistic. All because I feed him healthy stuff.

Speaking of ballistic.... I forgot to share the ballistic-ly mega cake we had for my mom's birthday:

ballistic-ly speaking,
might be a tad too heavy to throw that at anyone though


oh yeah.... it was gooooooooood.

speaking of the dynamics of projectiles,

no more ballistic snowballs.

Goodbye winter!!!!

Time to celebrate spring!

Had to go visit my favourite chocolate hangout... 
and maybe initiate a few newbies :) 

A great ballistic sacrifice... but someone has to do it

I could easily go ballistic over this cheesecake.... 
any time.

oh yeah... it was THAT gooooood

ballistic-ly gooood.

Makes everything at the ballistic headquarters seem just fine....



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snowdragonsNsandmerks said...

Okay, seriously I need to know where this chocolate place is... and why haven't you invited me yet, hmmm????