Monday, April 7, 2014

Next April Fools for sure....

Monday April 7, 2014

Perusing the internet, I came across an article  by Devon Scoble called 
 " 9 lunch hacks for parents who've run out of creative ideas  "

Having completely run out of ideas for a certain Legoson , I thought, great!

Now I don't know exactly what planet the author of this article lives on. But here on earth, most kids have a certain ... umm...dislike... aversion to most any kind of vegetable....nay I say disgust to the point of wanting to ban certain foods ... and if the mere appearance of even a minute speck of orange remotely resembling a carrot were to appear in a dish, it would cause them to flee in repulsion.

Oh I do dream... that one day my Legoson will awaken and ravenously eat every vegetable in sight... it's just not happening yet.

But I digress... perhaps this article was supposed to be printed on April 1. It certainly caused an endlessness stream of laughter.  I prefer to change the title to 

" Lunch hacks to ensure your kid will never be able to trade their lunch, 

aka April Fools lunches made easy"

mmm.. now doesn't this look delish?
What is it you ask?.. oh this gets better
"Mush a piece of bread in that half-empty no-nut butter jar "

Oh, nothing says loving like mushy bread

I just LOVE some of the suggestions for this "burrito bowl":
  bean paste, avocado,  guacamole,  olives, onions, crab meat, avocado, peas,  seaweed, smoked salmon, leftover fish, fried tofu, shredded carrot...

Yup, lots of friendships were made over sliced onions and leftover fish.

I could just picture my sweet Legoson's face
 -  refering to the shredded carrot of course.... 
would have to disguise it a wee bit better.

Next up we have
"leftovers on a stick"

aka "Skew-able treat combos"
imagine all the kids at school - brandishing pointy sticks they're only going to use them to eat...uh-huh...
but heck - food and toy - all in one...

Next up - the "single-vessel meals" 

comprised of last night dinner of course 
- you know, that meal that Legoson wouldn't eat last night and had to sit at the table until he ate it, 
so he sat there all night... 
well, guess what - you STILL have to eat it!

mmmm... more mushy stuff all rolled up, 
so I guess your hands don't get messy.

I believe I see shredded carrots there again... need I say more?

Great - now we can separate it all into fancy dishes... 
but where oh where would I hide the shredded carrots???

Wonder if I disguised those shredded carrots this way if ...

and of course we all have time to cut out sandwiches like this..
oh, and what's that hiding under there?

The very last suggestion was to let them pack their own lunch.
Better hide the chocolate first.

OK, I get that they are healthy lunches - in fact I'd love them for myself...
but for kids? Seriously? I wish....

someday... just not this day...

Just don't get me upset Legoson...


Christine said...

LOL. That reminds me of the time when Naomi was small and I bought a book that promised to solve all your toddlers fussy eating problems. Hah! It was all about making the stuff she would never eat look artistic on the plate. Hours of work later (and lets not get started on the food you waste when you cut the pretty shapes)and she still wouldn't eat it.
She's a bit better now, but then she is 17

Shebafudge said... it! Now I will have you know that I make lunches like that EVERY DAY for my two perfect little cherubs. My son adores the perfect little heart shaped sandwiches filled with delicious, nutritious and organic vegetables I add to tempt his tastebuds.

Yeah...right...hang on whilst I go and catch that flying pig. Seriously, what planet are these people on?

On the plus side, my daughter is now 15 and will eat vegetables if nagged long enough to do it. She now knows that if it's on the plate, she stays there until its eaten. If she's full, she leaves the fun stuff but the veg is non negotiable. My son is completely the opposite and would be happy to have a plate of almost any vegetable imaginable!