Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It was NOT a hint....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So it was my birthday a while ago. Guess what  oh young, sweet Legoson gave his mom?

I'll give you ONE guess.

A Lego kit of course... a mini VW camper van...

I do not recommend ever wandering into a Lego store and mentioning that you think any of the kits they sell are neat. At least not within earshot of any Legoffspring. Lego nuts seem to latch onto that quite quickly.

It was torture for legoson that I held off building it for a few weeks. Dear, darling Legoson offered numerous times that he could build it for me. He even said I might have difficulties and could use his expertise.

I made it quite clear that this was MINE to build... WHEN I felt like it..... mean Legomom that I am, lol

Eventually I said I would build it, and he could help me - by passing me the pieces I needed for each step.
So here is my adventure into Legomania....

(yeah, I did let him build a few steps, lol)

a motor!

Licence plate.. love how it starts with 'H' 

and then 
things started to get cool...

tile floor... doors that open

mini plant

and of course a sink

the back seat even folds down

sink accessories

driver's seat

fold-down table

super cool t-shirt, 
that you can see in the side window

I'll have to get one of these

and voila - the finished van

Both front doors open, and of course the side doors

and the top pops up for the bed space
- just like the real thing

the coolest thing 
- the entire roof lifts off to reveal the inside

rear and storage doors

front VW logo

ok, so you DO know what this REALLY is

my own mini Stitch-mobile!

I still need to stitch some accessories for the inside.
And of course there's some groovy stickers I need to find....

ok, ok...I must admit it was a neat ...and super duper cool present.

But don't tell Legoson that too many times.

A Lego bird might just show up next...

but that's another story.

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Shebafudge said...

That is so cute! I can't wait to see what he gets you next year!