Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Stitcher's Harvest time

Thursday, October 17, 2013

For every stitcher there is a reason,
and a stitch to every purpose in our life:
a time to start, and a time to start another one;
a time to plan, and a time to frog;
a time to restitch, and a time to just plain start yet another one;
a time to break down, and buy more stash;
a time to cast away UFO's, and a time to gather yet even more new ones;
a time to fondle new stash, never a time to resist if it's new;
a time to acquire even more stash, lest our cupboard run bare;
a time to use the Kreinik , and a time to use even more Kreinik ;
a time to use those beads , and a time to loose those beads ;
a time to keep silence, lest we loose count;
a time to love a new project, and a time to ask why did I start this;
a time to keep, and a time to give;
a time to sing , and a time to happy dance; 
a time of stitching, gives a time of peace.

Here's my newest 'harvest'

Mill Hill "Gourds" ...stitched on 28 ct Lugana Khaki

I'd love to turn it into something stuffed,
but my mind is already on other Mill Hills...
or maybe a Sweetheart Tree..
or maybe...

they keep getting in the way of the UFO's.

Funny how that happens...

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