Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get your Pumpkin Sparkle on!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Well, it seems a few people liked my poem from my last post, "A Stitcher's Harvest Time".

I was contacted by someone from the American Needlepoint Guild – Southside Virginia Chapter, to include it in their next newsletter! Whoo hoo - I guess that makes me a published poet :)

I certainly am humbled that anyone likes my poems :)... never mind reads my blogs, lol.

So I may or may not have had a few more finishes since my last post... was going to save this one for next week, but the sparkling Kreinik yelled at me - Time to make the pumpkin shine!

So here's another fall themed stitching completed ...

Checkers the Pumpkin 
by Kitty and Me... 

Lots of Kreinik in there!

I made a few changes in the stitches
by adding Star stitches (also called the Star Eyelet stitch or Algerian Eye Stitch)

 and added beads

I do love the way it turned out and never thought about Kreinik on a pumpkin.
But heck, is there anything that couldn't use a little sparkle?

I've been imagining what a real pumpkin might
look like decorated with Kreinik.

Could you imagine if Kreinik had a contest like that?

whoo hoo - I'm in!
(always in where there's Kreinik!!!)

I think that might require a 
stash enhancement of Kreinik.
Any excuse eagerly looked for

I seem to be on a Kreinik high lately, 
and I haven't even started my Christmas stitching yet ...

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sandy said...

Very cute pumpkin! Love the sparkles!
Congrats on your poem! Very cool! Have a wonderful week!