Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just a minute too late

Wednesday , October 16, 2013

Our neighbor's son recently had a baby.

Ok, ok...really, it was the wife... but anywho. They popped in for a visit on the weekend as they were having dinner at the parents next door. What a cutie patootie. And so wonderful holding a wee baby...sigh... it really does go by fast.

After they left I realized I had wanted to stitch something for the baby... but kept putting that off.

So I thought to myself - hey, they're here for a few hours... why not stitch something and give it to them before they leave?

So like a mad woman... I got everything together.... stitched for 2 hours...  and made a bib

so cute :)
LOVE the name too , lol

I added the orange to the geese too.
Hubby's suggestion.

I even put the backing felt on the back ...
yep - all done!

Wait - tissue paper!

Called next door.
They had just left.
I missed them by about a minute, lol...

So I'll be all prepared now for their next visit.

Heck, maybe it's time to stitch their wedding present now...
that was only a while ago.

At least the bib will be ready.
Maybe I could just add the wedding date to that.

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