Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Kiwi time

Sunday July 7, 2013

Today was a special day.

Kiwi's Hatchling Day!

A whole 2 years old!

Kiwi is quite the talker - and singer.
I've made up a few tunes just for Kiwi.

Here's one of Kiwi's favourites:
(Kiwi doesn't quite sing this yet, but soon I think.)

See see my Kiwi
Come out and play with me
And bring your chewy toys
Climb up my pumpkin tree
Slide down my rainbow
And through the happy hut
And we'll be joyful friends
Forever more.

I think Kiwi likes any song with the name Kiwi in it.

He does sing this tune:

I'm a little Kiwi
Short and stout
Here is my handle
here is my spout
Don't you tip me over
Or I'll shout
Loud and clear
You let me out!
out out out

And Kiwi also sings this one:
Choo choo
choo choo cha boogie
woo woo
woo woo chaboogie
chewin chewin chewin
All day long

There's a few other songs I've made up for Kiwi,
but so far Kiwi only likes to listen
and mouth the words.

So I have been pondering...
Kiwi - are you a girl or a boy?

You see, there's no way of telling whether a Quaker Parrot is male of female.
Unless you get a DNA test done.
That involves a needle... and we're not going there.
I think the wing clipping outings are more than enough excitement for Kiwi.

Kiwi's a great talker. So smart... personally,
(in my completely unbiased opinion)
 I think Kiwi is a girl.

Come in the door and Kiwi says "Hello"

"Kiwi Eat"

When mommy gargles... Kiwi makes that sound
When mummy drinks... Kiwi makes gulping/swallowing sounds

Peek up from a blanket or around the corner
Kiwi says "Peek-a-boo"

Night time and Kiwi wants to go to sleep
"Tuck tuck, Nite nite"

Tickle Kiwi's tummy
"Tickle tickle tickle"

And when Kiwi needs to... umm....'go'
"uh-oh gone" 
( after mummy's cleaned it up)

Here's more of what Kiwi says so far:
Step Up
Good Boy
Thank you
Good Kiwi
Eat you up num num num
Wolf Whistle 
Pretty bird
Pretty Kiwi
How ya doin?
Whatchya doin?
Come here
Talk to me
Kiwi's so cute (and modest)
eat eat eat Apples and Baneenees
Stop it
Don't bite the daddy
hello baybeee

But Kiwi also can get a bit confused
(not that I had anything to do with this....heehee)

So here is Kiwi's confused dialogue:

I am not a duck , I'm a Kiwi! Quack quack quack
I am not a pig, I'm a Kiwi! oink oink oink
I am not a cat, I'm a Kiwi! purr purr purr, meow
I am not a dog, I'm a Kiwi! woof woof woof

The most recent development is in the morning.
 Kiwi says
"Mummy. Mummy. Come come"

How cute is that... :)
Well, not at 7am, for mummy night owl, lol

Heck if I repeat anything 10 million times, and Kiwi will eventually say it, lol 

Wonder what will come next?
Today was another addition:
This afternoon Kiwi said "Good Morning"

Need to work on timing a bit for that one.

Fresh toasted pumpkin seeds were a special treat today.

Mummy of course had to celebrate twice today... 
since it's also National Ice Cream month

but that's another story...

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