Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day

July 1, 2013

So some folks in the neighborhood seem to be a little explosive happy. Midnight and the fireworks are going off again.

I had some cousins visit recently from overseas. I stitched them a souvenir...

I made the tassel too

They really liked it.

I love the pattern and I think I'll stitch some more....
in case anyone else wants to visit.

(Just to make that clear and avoid a mad rush to my place - from outside of Canada)

Last week we had a small get together evening with my stitching pals.
I decided to make it a 'green' theme.

This was our 'bar'.

Kiwi was ready too...
putting his best foot forward

In honour of July 1, I should have another gathering.

Red & White seems like a good theme.

Happy Canada Day!

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Lulu said...

I LOVE your Canada piece. It is very beautiful!