Friday, July 12, 2013

Water therapy

Friday July 12, 2013

I am counting my blessings this week.

Grateful we have new pastors who appear to have a great sense of humour.

Grateful that we have ditches. Ever so grateful that 
Mother Nature gave me a clean laundry room floor.

Ever so grateful the water decided after that to only go into the back room... 
which is still gutted from the springtime soaking.

I think my son likes water too much.
The bathroom floor was soaked today.
Lesson learned: explain in more detail exactly how to clean a bathroom tub.

Grateful the fishies in lake Ontario are happy

and the ducks

Very grateful the sun decided to show up again.

(This was the bird seed hanger I gave my father for Father's Day)

Saved some money by hanging out some laundry to dry.
The clothes smell so wonderful.

Grateful the monarch butterflies made it to Ontario.
We saw one land our milkweeds.

The butterfly wasn't co-operating with the photo op.

Grateful that the vendors had gorgeous weather for the art show in Port Credit

Very inspirational and unique creations.
It's on all weekend and definitely worth the trip.
Oh - look at that purse!.. and the felted scarves... oh and...
The prices were quite reasonable but
all I could afford though was the walk.

Extremely grateful that it's raspberry season.
My parents have a large plot of them in their backyard.
Come pick some they said.

Twist my arm.

Grateful that chocolaty explosion ice cream and
reverse decadent cookies are on sale.

You might say it was sacrificial chocolate.
Well, how else would you eat fresh red and black raspberries?

My son is just ever so slightly grateful it's the weekend.
You see there's a Lego show this weekend.
He's a bit of a Legomaniac.
That's an understatement.
We went last year - and it's a phenomenal show.

And tonight he's having trouble falling asleep ....
gee... wonder why...

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