Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scouting out the stitching

Tuesday July 23, 2013

I was imagining the other day what a wilderness camp for stitchers might look like.

Oh I know, wilderness and stitching do not compute... but hey, it's my imagination.... suspend your disbelief.
As some might know, I'm a Scout leader. Scouting and stitching have much more in common than you might think.

All good trips need to start with a fully loaded van. Why a van? Because I know stitchers do not travel light. They also pack unrealistically for these getaways... always prepared for the anything. You never know when you might need 50 more needles. A Scouter should always be prepared too.... see.. there is a link!

Theme - having one makes for a great camping experience. So let's just say 'Stitching in the Great outdoors" is a fabulous theme.

Activities - why of course every good camp has to have fun activities! So here would be a list of non-stop fun filled activities, with stitchers in mind....

Stitching on the climbing wall ( multitasking at to the highest degree)
Knotty stitches (101 ways to tie a Scout up)
Tangled Tangents ( floss knots or not knots, you be the judge)
Pond hopping - How to keep an eye out for frogs
Target Stitching ( aka pointy needles self defence alternatives) 
Colour 101 (How to tell the difference between moss green, grass green and forest green)
Sheltered Stitching (The fine art of stitching in a tent)
Wet & Wild  (How to stitch in the pouring rain in the middle of a field with soggy fabric)
Chocoholic Madness (Effective stash hiding techniques)
Soundly Signs (or how to effectively block out the sound of 300 wee screaming non stitching banshees) 

You probably can hardly contain yourselves now...Ah, who would ever wish to pass on such an ... experience... is beyond the bounds of sane decision reasoning...

Almost forgot to mention the first-class luxurious accommodations in the form of a flimsy cramped nylon structure that may or may not ressemble a tent-like shelter... but looks are deceiving!

Hold it - now you're thinking - what happens if I need to wander through the wilderness to the washroom facilities, in the middle of the night? Well, that's covered, with your very own glowing marker. Yes you too, will not have to wander back to the sleeping nooks and wonder where the heck is your gorgeous comfy sleeping area???? You'll never ever again look at  your  maylooklikeatentanditisbutwearenotgoingtoadmittothat sleeping facility the same way... in fact, you may not find it amongst the 200+ identical ones otherwise.
And we won't even delve into the depths of the 'facilities' ... some things just need to be seen to be believed.

So there you have it.... camping like you've never experienced and may never want to ...

But the question does remain... what stitching to pack for a camping trip... and how do I pack in under 10 minutes, just before I'm supposed to leave, even though I knew this trip was coming over a month ago....


well, that's another story...

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