Monday, July 22, 2013

last of the Lego? Give Piece a chance

Monday July 22, 2013

So are you tired of seeing Lego photos? Too bad...    you really got to

Hard to pick a favourite at the Lego show.  I did like the art creations too...but...

I saw this building last year... looks pretty good from the outside.

Love the details...

 it's the inside that's even more incredible...

(I had to stick my camera in to see any of this...)

But that's not all!
Check out the other side...

Do you know why there are trailers and concession stands outside?

The whole inside of the stadium can be converted into
a circus show!
I seem to recall seeing it last year, set up as a circus show.

Another favourite was the moving amusement ride


This last one is really neat - 
The great ball contraption.... inspired by Akiyuky
(search the name .. you'll see examples)

The photo shows only a small portion of the entire contraption
at the Lego show.

It's comprised of units that move in a variety of ways
to move small marbles,
all the way around the tables 
and back to the starting point.

The kids all loved this display.
I did take a video.. but it seemed to take forever to upload here..
so maybe another time.

Well... enough with the Lego .

Time to do some stitching...

that or imagine what my week will be like...

hopefully without any spiders...

but that's another story.... 

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