Friday, July 19, 2013

Lego Decor

Thursday July 18, 2013

My son is a bit of a Lego fanatic. If he had his way our whole house would be made of Lego.

Found some interesting home decor ideas at the Lego show... there really is something for everyone.

How about a stained glass look for the windows?

perfect for the kids room...

a nice lamp to stitch with ...

... the perfect pet

a fish tank that never needs cleaning or feeding...

How about a family portrait on the wall

That's a two-in-one deal... pretty cool!

Or have your favourite artwork recreated into Lego...

Lego! No!

Or if you really want to freak someone out...

Heck you could even redo the office

Into music... got that covered
(these 3 were about the size of a vinyl LP cover)

this one was considerably larger

gorgeous colour

Something a little more modern...

yes... even furniture

would I really keep bread in here though?

This mosaic was HUGE

for the sports fan

Another huge piece... perfect teacher gift

Mickey fans...

I'd love to stitch this...

some cool signs


Endless possibilities with Lego.
But would it sustain you?

that's another story...

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