Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just a tease

Thursday July 18, 2013

What happened to me.. no post in a week!....Did I get stuck driving over a cement pylon? Did I have to make a mad dash to fondle new stash at Gitta's? Did I run out of chocolate? Was I just being lazy? Did I volunteer as target practice for Sunday school? Did I get lost at the Lego show?

Welllll.... not quite ... only one of the above is NOT actually I did not run out of chocolate.

 I did manage to exhaust one camera battery at the Lego show last weekend and was glad I had invested in a spare one.

Brickfete was incredible. There were tons of cool creations. Quite a few I wished were real...

Some I'm glad were not...

Fun things I'd love to do

and see

and some that just left me with a craving for more...

Lots of interesting people there too.

I think this guy REALLY likes Lego.

 Thinking you can't decorate your house tastefully with Lego?
well, let's just say you'd be wrong about that

but that's another story...

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