Monday, June 3, 2013

Cafe a la Woods

Monday June 3, 2013

So it was another luxurious weekend... in the woods. With all the comforts of home.

Ok ok, not quite....
 it wasn't quite your typical Scout camp though...there was a cafe for the adults...

Complete with tablecloths...


And I did make several stops to taste the rainbow

 fresh fruits and baked treats

 coffee...lattes.. espresso shots
all made to order 

And in case you missed it

...  the coffee tent guy...

With a server like that,
how could you Not be in the mood for coffee ?

There were other choices like Green Tea
Ice tea with fresh mint and lemon

Delicious and refreshing

Here's me
the hard working Scouter

oh yeah....Plenty of candy there...

and yes the kids were a tad jealous.

Great recruitment tool though... 
grow up, 
be a leader 
and you too can have skittles
in the Cafe a la woods.

Back at our camp site...we received a special delivery

Parent volunteers are the best!

and the question that's been on your minds...

oh yeah...
there was chocolate

Two servings of fruit every day

first serving....

second serving...

let's just say...
don't leave me alone with the bottle

Yes there's fruit under there


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