Friday, June 7, 2013

Last but not least...

Friday June 7, 2013

Yesterday was a day of lasts.

Last Cub Scout meeting. Ever. I'm going to miss working with the other cub leaders, but I know we'll still see each other, as we've become good friends.

On to Sea Scouts - and learning how to sail! (and hopefully not how to get sea sick)

We had some snacks and learned how to make a survival strap bracelet. What else would you do with a huge bag of really long and thick shoe laces?

It's basically a macrame knot tied onto another string.

When you need a rope, 
(perhaps in an emergency situation),
you have one handy on your wrist.
You just unravel it.
Pretty cool.

I think it needs some beads though.
Not sure what I would do with the beads in an emergency.
or...maybe I could make emergency bead bracelets.
Yes, you too can have beads handy,
whenever you are faced with a 
bead emergency...
in the middle of the woods...
hanging off the side of a cliff...
stranded in a lake...

Until then...
I'll have a treat...

One of the guilds I belong to had the last meeting
until the fall and
it included lunch.
And dessert.

It was a very interesting meeting .
Everyone was asked to share a bit about themselves - 
something they do, an interest/hobby or made that is not 
what they usually share.
Many brought in samples of  their creations.

Some of the talents revealed included
a level 4 hockey coach and teacher 
published author (that also translates Native Indian stories)
doll maker who brought in an adorable realistic toddler called 'Ben'
miniatures artist who brought in an exquisite room in a box
pencil artists
a flute and piano teacher
a fabric sewer who also sews for theatres
paper box sculptures
3-D cards with string designs
a metal sculpture artist
silver jewelry including some from antique cuff-links
and the list goes on and on...

The talent in the room was just incredible.

I shared that I was a Scout leader 
and I had wanted to bring in a sample of that
- but there wasn't really enough room to set up some tents
(They did happen to be in my trunk though)
Not enough space to whack a tennis ball around either.
(Besides maybe hitting something... or someone)
I brought in some of my jewelry creations instead.

Someone shared a new use for something I only used for camping...
a head lamp

It never occurred to me to use it for stitching!

Wonder if looking up at someone might cause a bit of blindness...

If the weather is lousy tomorrow, 
I may just use it as a beacon

 for the big wigs...
but that's another story.

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