Wednesday, June 5, 2013

when things glow....

Wednesday June 5, 2013

Oh sure... during the day things seem tame enough in the woods...

uhhh... maybe that's scary even during the day.

We were one of the first ones to arrive at the camp.
 Must say I have never used one of these when it was so 
new and clean.
Heck even the toilet paper was still wrapped.

Now the Kybos in the woods were a whole different story.

Even in daylight it was a wee bit of a scary sight.

I didn't take a photo of the inside....
it might cause mass fainting.
Let's just say it was not for the faint off heart.
Or those scared of spiders.
( a few friends I might happen to know)
(don't worry... no spiders pics here)

Did I tell you we made some meals on the campfire?

This was the best corn I've ever had.
It was almost

 (I can't believe I actually said that to my co-leader)

Potatoes, meatballs, carrots and onions.

(Ok, not quite orgasmic.. 
but would have been if they hadn't hid the chocolate sauce)

So what do a campfire and Kybos have in common?

Well, it all had to do with this...

Sitting around the campfire after the kids had gone to bed,
a perfect campfire ghost story came to me.

What if...
there were a Kybo ghost.

And what if you told this Kybo ghost story
around the campfire

to a bunch of 8-10 year old kids.

And let's just say you 
happened to have dropped a glow stick 

down the kybo.

Would that freak the kids out 
just a wee bit
if they used the kybo before bed?
Could you imagine...

I decided this was one story I won't tell.
The kids were afraid of using the kybo as it was.

This was my limo ride back to civilization... or my car.

back to a world with electricity...

cross stitch...

and just the perfect amount of peanut butter.

But that's another story...

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