Friday, June 21, 2013

Life in the midst

Thursday June 20, 2013

It has been a rather sad week. I've received news that four of my friends each lost a parent. 

The latest one has hit me the hardest.  
Gitta, from my favourite stitching store Gitta's , 
passed away yesterday, June 19, after an almost 4 year battle with cancer. 


She was one of the most creative, inspiring, and kind individual I have ever had the privilege of knowing. 
Strong & courageous.
I will never forget her gentle manner, warm smile and words of encouragement  
- and her wonderful sense of humour. 

Words cannot express the sense of loss I feel with the absence of such a beautiful soul. 
She touched so many and will forever remain in our hearts. 

Life is so precious.

Today I rescued a fledgling baby robin. 
It had fallen into our recycle bin and couldn't get out. Pure accident that I found it, as I decided for some odd reason to do some sweeping of the driveway before I went out. 

There it sat, looking forlornly up at me. 
I can only imagine how its' mummy must have felt.
There is no way it could have gotten out of the bin.

As I carried it up to a nearby tree branch, 
I heard a great commotion of adult robins swooping and calling about. 
Not just 2 of them - but a whole bunch. 
I thought that was so interesting, 
as it seemed not just the parents, but the community of robins had gathered to look over their flock.

So here he is in the tree... waiting for mom.

Too cute.  

What a privilege to hold something so fragile.... so free.
Hope he's OK - when I got back he was gone. 

In spite of everything, there is life.

Maybe Gitta sent him to remind me of a robin pattern I had put aside....

Gitta, I'm sure you're stitching up a storm in heaven.


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Suzzanne Walsh said...

What a beautiful tribute. Saying goodbye is never easy but being able to say hello while saying goodbye takes a little of the sting away.