Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrity guests

Tuesday June 4, 2013

You know it's a sign... when the birds are flying away...

Yup, it was a mighty wet weekend.
Let's just say there might have been a few pools around.

We did have some dry spells and at least it wasn't cold.
And the showers didn't stop 
a few celebrities 
from making a surprise visit at the camp

Lady Gagaga

Here she is with Justin Beaver

Is was a bit breezy ...

I think she liked the way it blew her hair.

She even got in on the action...

Agent training boot camp.

There was a Celebrity shoot op

Barbie didn't stand a chance
Even the army couldn't stop the onslaught
of elastic bands.

Not to be outdone,
Shelly Dusnail paid us a visit.

The Beatles didn't quite make it
but sent a replacement...

He didn't quite make it either.

Non stop excitement in the woods.

Just wait until dark.
That's when the real fun begins...

But that's another story...

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