Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A colourful place to be... Canadian Cub Jamboree... part 2

Tuesday August 20, 2013

Ahhh... the quiet of a week long Canadian Jamboree.

Well, maybe before everyone gets there. Or if you get up early enough.
ok, ok... not this night owl.

300+ kids plus adults.  Lots of planning went into this event. There was tons of fun stuff for the kids.

We arrived Sunday afternoon. In the evening, was the opening. A special visitor dressed up as Lord Baden Powel, founder of Scouting... wandered in from the woods and gave some inspiration opening remarks.

Quite an authentic costume.

There were quite a few decorations throughout the camp.
Lots of red too - the theme was CANADA.

I got into the spirit and bought a hat I wore the whole week.

Dollar store had dillyboppers too... now how could I resist?

Some groups really got into decorating their campsites.

Heck.... even the portapotties were not spared..

well, just the ladies stall...
didn't make it any more pleasant though.

Then there were the mascots

and coloured toilet paper....

but that's another story

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