Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scouts gone wild... Everton ACE Camp Part 1

Tuesday August 6, 2013

 I was at 2 scouting camps for the past 2 weeks. Yes I know. I should have checked the calendar (maybe amongst other things, lol) before I offered my help on the second week - which was a Cub Jamboree with 300 kids. No, I didn't know they were back to back when I sent that email....

Kiwi was not too happy about this. My son was though. :)

The first week was ACE camp at Everton. This is a camp for 3rd year cubs that going up to Scouts in the fall. I highly recommend it for any 3rd year cubs! There is also a Scout level camp which was going on at the same time. They camped a bit deeper in the woods.

Yes we stayed in tents...

Thank goodness we had great weather - not humid and no rain!

185 beautiful acres of wilderness on the Eramosa river.


With critters.... 

creepy crawly hopping howling slithery slimy fluttery things..... 

I'm not talking about the kids either

(this one was a bit harder to spot....)

 this snake dashed off when the kids surrounded it....
I've never seen a snake move that fast...
Like a lightening bolt!

It disappeared so fast
I wasn't sure if it had bolted towards my tent

... which was nearby...eeek
Rule #1
Always keep your tent doors zipped closed.

I never got a chance to take a photo of that giant moth in my tent.
or the cricket
or the earwigs
or the slug...

ok, so some of the wild stuff was pretty... 
and harmless

I think

Guess what the kids thought was the scariest of them all...

Especially at night,

When the coy dogs are howling close by.

So what does one do at a ACE camp besides watch where you step?

(Yes indeedy, that's poison ivy... but not near the camp site!)

Well, that's another story...

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