Thursday, August 22, 2013

Can't do without it... Canadian Cub Jamboree... part 4

Thursday August 22, 2013

They must have known I was coming to the Jamboree.

There's a reason I also posted a photo of the snack pack.
... else some might ask what it is I found in the woods in that photo...

uh... yeah.. moving right along...

I may have gone through Candy Crush withdrawal...
but certainly not chocolate.

nor bacon for that matter :)

What more could one want?
A dry shelter.

All the comforts of home ...

Still don't know how to pack light.
At least I didn't pack the kitchen sink this time.

Good thing I had a tent to myself.

Not that I had any snacks in there...

Just to clarify... this was not mine...
but rather confiscated form one of the youth.

I guess he thought that we'd be starving 
or force fed fruit and veggies all week.

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