Friday, August 9, 2013

mmmm... bacon.....Everton Scout ACE Camp Part 4

Friday August 9, 2013

Overall, I think at ACE camp we had some pretty darn good meals - even if it was cooked by the kids.
Seriously, it was good.

Every day they brought down the ingredients via the camp limo.

That's the camp chief director - aka  Phenomenal Sarah - making the delivery.

Some of the meals were typical camp food

bacon, ham, hashbrowns,eggs, French toast
grilled cheese
macaroni & cheese (but not KD)
spaghetti & meatballs

Spider hot dogs
Mine was the plain smiley kind... ala charred

Corn on the cob
sandwich wraps

One meal was cooked over the campfire in tinfoil

all in a yummy secret recipe mushroom sauce

Then there were the meals that you might not have expected...

Egg McMuffins
Chicken Nuggets
Sloppy Joes

and my favourite
Pulled pork!

Did I mention there was bacon?

oh yeahhhhhhh... twice

on the grill... mmmmmm bacon fat....

on the silver platter

No problem. I happen to like charred food.

I made toast over the fire.

Like I said.... charred is good

and of course marshmallows

perfectly not charred.. 
I think they were in love.

There was desert too...

but that's another story

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Loretta said...

Love your pics. Thanks for sharing your experience at camp. I am a Girl Guide leader and I love camping and camp food.