Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trendy crafts ... Canadian Cub Jamboree... part 7

Sunday August 25, 2013

What would a camp be without a bit of crafts...

This was a drink counter... every time you take a long drink 
move a bead...

a drink of  WATER

yes I know 300+ kids....ummm... but... it's a SCOUT camp

A great idea the kids came up with for breakfast...

The kids got to make some neat things 
through the week like a 
cool rain stick
(Maybe I can blame the 300 rain sticks for the rain we got)
Survival para-cord bracelets,
bouncy balls and flubber,

Plaster castings of wild animal footprints...

This one was given to a Scouter, Gord,  back in 1952 by a Native Indian

This is Gord - a super Scouter
The youth all love him.

I loved his walking stick.. the handle looks like a rhino

This was my son's casting... just had to scrub the dirt off it

there is a track under there somewhere.
They turned out pretty neat.

I got to try a few things.
God's Eye woven ornament
and a leather bookmark.

New hat decor.... 
wonder if I'll start a trend.

Then there were these ultra cool beads...

They turned colourful in the sunlight

String art

Canada theme!

and Tshirt painting

I though this one was funny...
This was my son's...a campfire


well... they were supposed to go on the rockets they made...

Look at that blue sky.

With all that activity,
I even found a spot or two to relax 

might even have got close to something stitched...

but that's another story...

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