Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paper treasures ... Canadian Cub Jamboree... part 9

Tuesday August 27, 2013

One of the funnest games of the week was the Banderlog Village game.

While the youth were told a story, the leaders 'stole' the treasure chest and had to defend the village. The kids then got to attack using 'weapons' of giant sling shots. It was kind of like a life-sized version of Angry Birds. I think the adults were the guinea pigs.

What's a Banderlog Village? A 3 storey high giant structure - held together using only ropes (lashing)

This took a week to build and we saw it being built the week before during ACE camp.

And here are the ammo and weapons...

Toilet paper roll covered with duct tape.

What we were given to defend the village with...

Yes, it is what you think it is

I think there's a slight disadvantage with these 'shields'...
a slight flaw in the armor...

My son, after a few practice shots,
shot one right through my shield.

You can see how much the adults got into this game.... 
we might have had a wee bit more fun,
but we're not telling.

(that's the treasure chest... filled with ??)

After a successful fight, the kids won and were allowed to climb up the structure.

 a view from the top

They even built a 'gong'

Close-up of some of the rope work that held together the logs.

Only the leaders were allowed to see what was at the very top...

looking down from the very top level

what's at the top, beside the Canadian flag?

why the royal throne room of course ;)

and of course there was the secret  treasure 

We really had some fun that week...

You've definitely need a sense of humour 
when camping with 300 kids for one week.

But that's another story....

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