Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's all fun and games....... Everton ACE Scout Camp Part 3

Thursday August 8, 2013

So Everton summer camps always have a theme. This is the third year I've volunteered there. 2011 it was a Survivor theme and 2012 it was Ready … Set … SOAR! flight theme.

The theme for 2013 was   Where Games Come to Life!

Of course there were decorations - up at the barn... where the regular cub camps are held

mmmmm.... bacon....

But we were ACE campers.... out in the woods. the kids made up their own decorations

and even made a sign

This was the 'Gamers' camp.

There was a lashing competition going on throughout the week.

A carved wooden mask was hidden that the kids needed to find.

It was very well hidden... maybe too well...
but they did eventually find it.

There were two campsites and 
 the contest was between the two
to hold onto the mask 
- only in your hands, not in your pocket nor hidden.
If it got dropped or put down, 
it automatically got passed onto the other camp team.
One day it was passed back and forth at least 9 times.

There fun games as well.
... where they had to hunt down and capture a leader and drag him in.
This one wasn't going down without a fight... or dragging a dozen kids behind him.

Capture the flag - in the dark  - but blowing out a candle instead of the flag.

A game of "Who stole the mask" aka Clue.
All the leaders/counsellors were the suspects and the kids got to 
interrogate us.
At the end of the game the suspects were all lined up -
and the kids got to vote on who the guilty party was.
The guilty party then got a pie in the face.

I did NOT get a pie thrown in my face
this year.
Last year I did.
This year I casually suggested that we all set up the lifeguards
... who were running this game.
(seeing as they were already in their bathing suits... cleanup would be easier for them.)

They totally didn't see that coming, lol

Speaking of pie...

the food was really great at ACE camp.

So was the midnight chocolate raid...
 I kind of have a 6th sense when it comes to the stuff

It's just easier to not ask first..... 

but that's another story.

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