Thursday, August 29, 2013

OK, it's a wrap! .... Canadian Cub Jamboree... part 11

Thursday August 29, 2013

So if by chance you've been one of the few following my post about the
Canadian Cub Jamboree,


no doubt your mind is flooded with endless questions...

such as ... 
Who the heck is King Louie? 
Does he in fact have a dungeon or does he just use duct tape? 
Since when does Scouting have a king? 
What's up with the constant reference to coloured toilet paper???  
(And where can I get this hot collectible?)
Did you really have all that chocolate in ONE day? 
Did you really meet batman?? 
With 300+ kids... where the heck was the silver lining? 
Was the pool really that cold?  (yes)

And more importantly did you get to stitch????

First off.... there were lots of mascots

Maybe he's is getting a time out for his shenanigans?

The orange sub-camp's mascot.

There was badge trading....
with some interesting crests.

Loved the colours 
This is about as close as I got to anything stitched

Not sure, it may have been the drinking like a fish crest?

There were a few fun shenanigans and jokes going on...
monkey business you might say.

Several mascots were kidnapped.
Ransom notes were posted with rewards.

Hence the hunt for coloured toilet paper...
...ok, not really;)

This dino, Cera,  was King Louie's mascot and  wound up on the roof of the pool cabin.
It used to be blue...

someone painted it orange to look like it got a sunburn.
Cera was quite large and also animated - and could move its' head and blink its' eyes.

Here's the note and photo that were posted on the CCJ blog:


Poor Cera. First she is dino-napped. And now,she is now a painted lady. Painted Orange that is. Sitting up there on a hot tin roof. Who would do such a thing?
Why does she have a broken arrow in her mouth?
Why was the orange paint can found in archery?
Are they clues??? Or just a clever set up???
And what of the other mascots? Does no one care about their whereabouts? Shocking!

On the last day, they held a raffle for the kids to win the dinosaur.

I asked my son not to enter. 
Of course he did.
Gratitude of the week: He didn't win.

It was King Louie's birthday...

This was not King Louie... 

neither was the dummy. On the left.

Not sure what this crest was from either...

You kind of wonder about the history of some of the crests you see at a swap meet.

... and this is King Louie... the blue sub-camp chief

He had quite the sense of humour and all the kids loved him.

There were daily updates posted 


At one point too many tables wanted him to sit with them... 
so he picked the middle ground

This is me taking a rare break...

A shot of most of the participants that were there for the week...

Last night there was a dance party

Complete with laser lights and a fog machine.

Everyone had a blast dancing in the rain.


And after the rain... another silver lining

A full rainbow.. which turned into a double rainbow.
I was told there was also one at the other end of the camp.
A rainbow the first and last day of camp - incredible :)


Whew.... TWO weeks of camping.
It ended with a bang - half an hour of fantastic fireworks!


I'm sure many fantastic memories went home with the kids.
Maybe we'll meet up again some day.
Except next time I'll just go as a volunteer.
Sans kids.

Guess where I stopped on the way home?

And did I get to stitch since then?

Oh yeah...

...but that's another story.

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111 LaLa Lane said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun. My little grandson is joining the cub scouts soon.