Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stitches gone wild..... Everton Scout ACE Camp Part 6

Sunday August 11, 2013

Everton Scout Camp is 185 acres on the Eramosa River.

Cray fishing is something all the kids love to do there.

They catch them and put them in a bucket.

I was surprised at how big some of the crayfish were.
Dinner anyone?

I think their least favourite activity of the week would have been 
doing their own dishes.

Mother nature's dryer.

One of my favourite times at the camp was
Just after lunch.
Every day.
Campers all in their tents...


Mother nature can be very inspiring....
with all those needles...

what else to do but

STITCH !!!!!

Had to keep my sanity somehow.

It certainly made up for all those early risers

Now why the HECK can't my son get up at 
during the school year????

(Darn wooden mask game... got them up early trying to steal it from the opponents)

This is my lack of sleep activity. 

possibly my satiated with chocolate pose...
after that long hike...

but that's another story.

oh, by the way.... no cray fish were harmed in the making of this camp
all were released for capture another day

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