Saturday, August 10, 2013

oh yes there was!..... Everton Scout ACE Camp Part 5

Saturday August 10, 2013

So after the first few days of mandarin oranges, pears, peaches for non-desert ...  
 the kids were beginning to wonder if the kitchen staff wasn't playing a joke on them. 

Rumours and conspiracy theories abounded....

Were they holding the real deserts hostage?.... 
Would spare clean socks be enough to pay the ransom?
(not that they really existed)
Was this secretly some kind of boot camp for sugar addicts?...
Did they expect us to grow our own wheat for make cookies?....

Of course the real question of the day was
What would it take for chocolate to appear? 
(ok, ok so that was my concern)

Seriously... how many children actually think fruit can be classified as a desert?

Nearing the mutiny stage ... 
thankfully, the real deserts started to appear with the meals...

Ice Cream!

One of the deserts the kids made over the campfire in tin foil.
(Soft tacos with pie filling)

CHOCOLATE ice cream

chips... for that balanced meal

the classic smores... with big chunks of chocolate 

Jello... with whip cream

(Maybe so we could be glow sticks at night)

and chocolate ice cream again!

That's ice cream 3 times in a week, in case you were keeping track.

One evening there were special deserts put out for the leaders.
There may or may not have been leftovers discovered by someone
late the following night.

Chocolate brownies... Twizzlers... gummy worms...
Chipits.... oh yeah....
I thought it best to share this discovery so to spread the suspicion.

There was no problem working it all off during the week.
They certainly kept us busy with lots of activities...

The BEST desert was the delivery we ordered 
while on a long hike

but that's another story....

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