Sunday, March 24, 2013

My buddy Bob

Sunday March 24, 2013

I'd like you to meet Bob. 

We met for the first time this weekend 
and I have to admit I found Bob to be 

First impressions.
They can be so deceiving.

I figured with that wide gaping mouth,
he'd be one of those dumb, non-stop chatter boxes.
Or maybe he was just tired in a prolonged state of yawning.
I hoped it wasn't a frozen pitiful plea for chocolate.

He almost looked like a useless,
 yet somehow disturbingly disinfectingly clean geek.

I mean, seriously, who would wear a top like that?
That shade of blue is just all wrong 
and so last year.
He could do with a bit of sun too.
 And that Goth look... does nothing for him either.

Nope, indeed he surprised me
with all his in simplistic parts.
And quiet ways.
There was so much more to him than meets the eye.
To really get to know him,
I had to take a closer look...
and have one of those
face-to-face , 
deep down

that literally took my breath away.

OK, maybe it might have been a little pressure on my part,
but he was very open to the concept of getting to know me.
Silence can sometimes speak volumes.

I did learn many new things 
and even helped him when he got a little choked up .

But after that...


When I learned that he loved to stitch....

How unbelievably perfect this seemed.  
a quiet stitcher, 
perfect listener,

who doesn't even show the least bit interest in my chocolate?

He seemed a bit slow,
but I figured I could look past that.... and maybe even help him
a bit.

I thought for sure we'd be life-long pals.

It was then that the Infantry showed up.

...and they came from all directions

Maybe they were jealous and wanted to get to know me too.
I was a little taken back with their alien looks...
their manipulative ways...

almost like they were trying to impersonate a human baby
or something.
Far too quiet to pull that one off I tell ya!
their silence was just so deafening....
And not really that cuddly.

They demanded to be held
and even turned and pushed around a bit.
It was the firm slap on the back,
and how one even lost her head was
a bit odd... 
but who am I to hold back on welcoming newcomers.

 I could obviously see they were related to Bob.

Seems in the end they just wanted Bob back
and we had to part ways.

Could be another 2 or 3 years before we meet again.
Who knows, 
with medical advancements
I might encounter a clone then...
and not my friend Bob.

But I'm sure he won't be ever be alone
and will make many new friends.

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