Monday, March 11, 2013

waiting for Spring...

Monday March 11, 2013

I think winter is on it's last legs. Too bad the snow couldn't stay for the March break - would be fun for the kids.

I was at the Toronto Botanical gardens today. Had to find a place to wait. It was close and seemed like the perfect spot.
....can only imagine how gorgeous this place must be in the spring and summer.

Inside there were some pretty flowers...

 And a very quiet library where I could stitch while I waited. 
Even inside there were signs of spring...

 LOVE these signs they made in the children's section.

Each letter was made of natural materials - dried flowers, twigs...

I don't think James minded the wait either....

This interfering mom didn't want to interrupt that amazing concentration.
The other option was duct tape, 
as suggested by a concerned friend that I might not enjoy my stitching otherwise...

After the library, we searched for a place to eat.
This seemed like a nice place.

I think it's one of the nicest deli's I've ever been in.

And the priciest.

Gorgeous deserts.
We decided to opt for meatball subs elsewhere instead.

I added two more buttons to my Love Life Live Simply piece I finished the other day...

The birdie is one James gave me :).
It's so cute looking up at the sun.

Speaking of beads....

another happy dance!!!!
"Hummingbird" by Mill Hill

Photo doesn't do the colours justice - it's quite stunning.

These big kits are really slowing things down for me....
I mean, how am I ever going to complete all my Mill Hill kits by the end of the year?
Maybe if I planted them all they'd sprout and grow?

And then there's new Sweetheart Tree's that arrived at Gitta's
(Not that I would know anything of that firsthand...
but a few may have followed me home today. )

Which really leaves me with the dilemma of what to stitch next.
....but that's another story

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