Monday, March 4, 2013


Monday March 4, 2013

Today we had visitors. Two friends I hadn't seen in too long a time.

It's so nice to catch up with the lives of some you don't see too often. I have a few friendships I've kept since highschool which was.... oh, a while ago... We don't see each other every day anymore, but when we do, it's  wonderful.

It was so nice... especially since they brought sweets... Timmies and home baked muffins...mmmmm.... well, I would have enjoyed their visit even if they hadn't brought anything.

It was a much sweeter note than how the evening ended ....with my son throwing up. No mom, I was not bouncing on my bed after having ingested mass volumes of Timbits.... uh-huh. Yes, I was born yesterday dear.

I think I need some stitch therapy now..... but I think I'll stay away from Timmies.... for tonight at least.... and just stick to the Godiva bar in front of me... but that's another story...

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