Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playing it safe

Saturday March 2, 2013

It was probably a good idea that I did not leave the house today.

It was a sleep-in then PJ day.  I figured less time in the day, less things can go wrong.

Emptied the laundry from the dryer.... soft fluffy towels... seemed fairly risk-free. Except for the static. Better give them to my son to fold and put away.

Reheating lasagna in the oven... no cooking involved. Should be uneventful and easy. Did you know that the empty side of the pan can actually burn?

Playing Monopoly... no breakable parts there. How is it that paper money can suddenly have a life of its own. Looked rather pretty on the floor.

Wiping the stove top...  it's one of those smooth tops with no burners. Heck, even  kindergartner could handle that one.... so I thought. Do you know how easy it is to bump a glass teapot and have the lid fall and break on the floor. Vacuuming near midnight is not my idea of late night fun.

That's the second lid I broke this week.

I best go make myself a cup of tea... .... with chocolate cookies... what could go wrong there... better make that an Iced Tea.

I thought I'd finish off my Mill Hill kit... only have the beads left to add....
well, that's another story....

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P.J. said...

I firmly believe there are days when it's just better to not even leave the house. :)