Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring reports... the monarch needs our help

Saturday March 23, 2013

The days are getting longer.. and it was sunny out today. 

I stumbled upon a really interesting site about the Monarch Butterfly. 

Sadly they are at historic record low 

How low?
Journey North  ( 
I was a bit shocked when I saw the graph.
Think I'll plant some milkweed this year. 

There's a weekly diary following the butterflies migration to and from Mexico with some outstanding photos. They have already started their journey north. I just hope the weather improves soon for them. The monarch is a fascinating creature and the site has one of the most thorough facts about it I've ever seen. 
(Check out their FACT page about the Monarch... with info on how to help.)

Oh- too cool - they have all sorts of live cams
Here's their main page 

Another neat thing I discovered is that you can report your sightings 
- but not only for the Monarch!.. ..
You can report online sightings for over 20 other things...  
 all sorts of birds.. 
sap flow...
singing frogs...
signs of the seasons... 
gray whales... 

even earthworms. 

Hmmm... looking for robins seems so boring now.
Better go get the binoculars.
Never know when that whale might show up
in Lake Ontario.

Guess what brought this topic on?

My own stitched Monarch Butterfly
ala Mill Hill of course.
I think this is the prettiest Mill Hill yet.

oooo.. Look I even finished it off :)

If I stitch more spring things... will spring arrive sooner?

Speaking of  Spring

Today dear son asked if I'd like to help him unload the dishwasher.
One of HIS chores I might add.

I told him, this mom wouldn't dream of 
with something he does so well.

So tomorrow I have to spend another day indoors...
oh I'm feeling much better, thank you. 

Has to do with this dummy I met.
Actually a whole infantry of them.
but that's another story ... 

I promise I'll share tomorrow :)

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Patty C. said...

Beautiful stitching :)